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May 2015

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Windemuth Family Organization

Descendants of Johann Christoph Windemuth establish The Windemuth Family Organization to collect, communicate and preserve our family’s history, heritage and genealogy. 

Surname Spelling Variations

Known variations in the spelling of the Windemuth name include: Wintamute, Wintamote, Wintemute, Wintemuth, Wintermote, Wintermute and Wintermuth. 

In The Beginning

Our history begins with Johann Christoph Windemuth, born in 1676 at Allendorf on the Werra, in Germany.  Johann along with other family members immigrated to North America in the 1730’s and settled in and around Stillwater, New Jersey.  Learn more by selecting “History” on the Menu.

Biennial Reunions

A North American reunion is held every two years.  The most recent one was hosted by Ralph and Gretchen Wintermute and was held in Santa Clarita, California , in July of 2015.  The next reunion will be held in Canada, the exact location to be named as soon as we get a few details ironed out.


In 1996, a two-volume book set entitled “The Windemuth Family Heritage 1996” was published.  It contained the names and information of nearly 12,000 descendants.  Continuing research has increased that number today to more than 40,000.  View this listing by selecting “Surname Search” on the Menu.

Become a Member

If you are a descendant, consider becoming a member of the Windemuth Family Organization.  Find out more by selecting “Become a Member” on the Menu.

Corrections, Additions and Submissions Welcome

We welcome your corrections, additions and submissions in our quest to locate descendants and discover new information about our heritage and history.  We hope you enjoy this web site and look forward to hearing from you soon.
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